The Noise Who Runs



In the beginning there was Ian. Then there was O bruit qui court, which is a nice enough restaurant, and quickly there was a direct translation – The Noise Who Runs. Well, since the release of the first TWNR EP in 2020, O bruit qui court has closed under the strains of COVID-19. It wasn’t alone. But The Noise Who Runs is more robust – malleable, flexible, resilient and driven, tough as old boots, which is helpful when there are always fresh, new boots to be ‘stamping on a human face forever’. And so here we are, with Ian and Felipe releasing the debut TNWR album – Preteretrospective.

It’s closer to three years than two since our debut release ‘The First of Two Sides of a Double-Headed Coin’; EP2 – ‘The Other Side of the Same Double-Headed Coin’ followed swiftly and smoothly. A similarly rapid release of EP3 became an overreach of ambition, the financial pressures of mounting circumstances leading to the absolute necessity to focus purely on keeping roof over head and food on the table, second jobs and third jobs, all of which desire time as their main sacrifice. 2021 was essentially a TNWR write-off. But EP3 – ‘High Time in Lo-Fi’ – was duly released in June 2022 and now, with the TNWR project back on track, ‘These Will Be Your Gods’. And there’s a whole lot more coming soon. Imagine an eternal blade always hacking at the very boot that’s ‘stamping on a human face forever’. The Noise Who Runs. Thanks for your attention.


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