The Noise Who Runs


anomie belle ‘slither’

Written by Anomie Belle, Ian Pickering and Augustus Skinner from ‘Machine’ EP, 2011


It slithers in through a crack in the door

No reasons just excuses

Slithers in, rolls around on the floor like there’s no bones beneath its skin

My split personality is taking the fifth, dead-end one-way street

You know that greed smells like old dead meat

You crawl outside my room, claw your way inside my stomach

I wanted to be something new but everyone just wants me to be you

Happiness can be just one little step outside of suffering

When you play not to lose you say anything, all kinds of things

The trick to staying alive is to keep passing by the open windows

There are no atheists in the foxhole

You name your god, you shame your soul

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