The Noise Who Runs


Sneaker Pimps - Half Life

Ian Pickering - Lyrics

Half Life

Half life wastes before it goes

It’s funny how your bee sting touch never leaves me whole

It’s not enough to stay here almost trying

You keep your last laugh watch this dying

It’s just your half time vertigo

And if you want an answer, I don’t know

If you had completed me

Don’t think I’d be pleased with you

Don’t think I’d compete with you

With half of me to take

Half life nothing I’d call home

It’s lucky how these phantom limb bee stings never show

It’s not enough to leave this falling kindly

You burn my star down twice as brightly

It’s just your half light undertow

But if you need forgiveness, I don’t know

Half light breaks with nothing wrong

Just a corner of my bed where you don’t belong

It’s kind of you to notice no-one’s dying

You had your last laugh, almost crying

It’s just your half life, long to know

And if you need a reason, so it goes

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